Suffering from Dry Scalp?

October 12, 2017

Yay! It’s finally spring! As the weather changes yet again we notice the effects this has on our skin, as we have just gone through winter a lot of people are dealing with dry skin and very dry scalp!

Almost everyone is self-conscious of flaky scalp and refer to it as dandruff. There are a lot of shampoo and conditioners out there that are made to treat this. Most commonly used are the ones you can purchase from your supermarket, the problem with these products is they are not salon quality, therefore people who have used it often tell me they feel their hair is quite dry afterwards. It is not a product intended to care and moisturise your hair so therefore using it for a prolonged time can affect the conditioner of your hair.


There is a difference between dandruff and dry scalp so understanding the difference can help with the treatment.

– Dandruff is a condition that causes too much oil to be produced in the skin creating a build up of dry, itchy and flakey skin. This may require medical treatment and should be assessed by a doctor.

– Dry scalp is much more common and is a result of dry skin due to the environment a lot of people are affected by it during the colder seasons. Due to cold and windy days and sitting in heated rooms all day, having super hot showers and then going outside into quite cold conditions results in very dry skin on your face, body and scalp.


Obviously moisturising regularly is important but how can we add moisture to our scalps?  Here are some natural remedies and tips to try at home that can be quite effective:

  1. Gently brush your scalp with a soft bristle brush before shampooing to help release and remove build up of oil or products on hair

  2. Shampooing your hair correctly – If this is not done it will cause a build up of dirt and oil and prolong your dry scalp symptoms. So to shampoo the correct way use a 20c piece of shampoo twice on scalp and then conditioner through the ends only.

  3. Add some tea tree oil to your shampoo and shampoo your scalp regularly. This will help in replacing the oils back into your skin and by mixing it with your salon quality shampoo it will ensure your hair can still maintain its healthy condition

  4. Coconut oil can work quit well if it is melted and then rubbed through your scalp. Start with a small amount! leave it for 5-20 minutes once a week but make sure you focus on the scalp only and shampoo it out. Coconut oil left in the hair can affect any colour service you plan to have so make sure to stop about a week before your appointment

  5. Drinking lots of water can help hydrate us and keep our skin and scalp hydrated also

  6. Try to avoid really hot showers too often as this dries out your scalp


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